Education Films

We know that communicating what makes a school, college or university special is challenging, and that in an era of increasing competition it's vital to be able to enthuse potential students and their parents.  
Paper Films have worked with schools, college and universities across the UK to create powerful 'statement' films which put forward the unique vision of the school in a short, dynamic piece of film. 
We also create fund-raising, infographics, event and marketing update films and much, much more. 
We are fully aware of the sensitivities of filming with young people, take a look at our terms / privacy page or get in touch if you want to discuss in more detail.

CAMS Recruitment Film 2017

Cheadle and Marple College Network  /  2017

CAMS wanted us to make a recruitment film that stood out from the rest to help them promote the college network to young people. We created a film which promoted the college in terms of what students wanted to do next, and the exciting opportunities attended would open up for them. 
We used a innovative camera walk technique which helped us pack a huge amount of locations and different students into one short film piece.

CAMS Recruitment Film 2015

Cheadle and Marple College Network  /  2015

In 2015 Paper Films created our first recruitment film for CAMS. They wanted a quirky, unconventional film, which would appeal directly to young people - as previous films featuring talking heads and generic cut-aways weren't getting cut-through with prospective students.

We used a stop-motion technique to create a fun film which told a 'year in the life' of the college. The final film worked really well and CAMS came back to us a few years later to create a sequel.

Cheadle Hulme School in 3 Minutes

Cheadle Hulme School  /  2018 updated edit

Cheadle Hulme School, one of the North West's best known and most highly regarded independent schools, needed an warm and inspiring short film to sum up exactly what made it such as special place for its new website. 
We spent over a week working with the school, filming lessons, trips, aerial footage, set-up shots, super-slow-motion, sports and much more to create an immersive taste of school life. The film has been through several incarnations since, with semi-regular updates, but still features front and centre of their website.