Science and Technology


Paper Films have been working with companies in the science and technology sector since the very start, and have a great record of translating the amazing things these companies do into exciting, fast-moving and above all easily understandable films.
From cutting-edge innovation districts to life-saving bio-science companies and advanced scanning technology to international research events we can make films which match the forward-looking approach of their subjects and wow the viewer.

Citylabs Vision Film
Manchester Science Partnerships  /  2018
In 2018 Paper Films worked to create a suite of films for the world property conference MIPIM in Cannes for Manchester Science Partnerships. These films showed off some of the amazing work the partnership was doing across Manchester. Below is one of our favourites from the series; giving the viewer a whistle-stop tour of Citylabs, the new health and life sciences development in the heart of Manchester's Oxford Road Corridor.

Rapiscan Eagle M60

Rapiscan  /  2015

Rapiscan create security devices and systems for high security checkpoints across the globe. In 2015 they asked us to make a short film showing of their new Eagle M60 mobile system. We brought a real sense of excitementto this showcase film, heading down to the Liverpool Docks to put it through its paces.

The final film is both visually stunning and highly dramatic.

Euroscience OpenForum - Manchester 

Marketing Manchester  /  2016

In 2016 the world-renowned EuroScience OpenForum came to Manchester - a major event that took over universities, conference centres and laboratories across the city and brought scientists together from across the globe. To promote and commemorate this major event Marketing Manchester commissioned Paper Films to create a film which celebrated Manchester's rich scientific history and looked forward - to the amazing things happening across the city.
The film used creative vignettes, green screen, motion GFX, slow motion, mixed-media montage sequences and more to great effect and was used to promote the conference globally.

Anti-Microbial Resistance

Manchester Science Partnerships and MRSA Action  /  2016

As part of the EuroScience OpenForum that came to Manchester in 2016, Paper Films created a short film to help raise awareness of the huge problem of Anti-Microbial Resistance - the increasing mutation of microbes to resist treatment from anti-biotics. We interviewed two of the leading personalities within the charity MRSA, who had both suffered the loss of close family members from Anti-Microbial Resistance. 
The film was originally shown to health care-professionals at the Forum, and was such a success that the charity later presented it to EU Officials in Brussels to highlight the scale of the problem.